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After the Friday morning jet crash that killed four people and left musicians Travis Barker and DJ AM badly burned and hospitalized, some good news: though both men are still in critical condition, the medical director of the Georgia burn center where they are being treated says they are expected to make full recoveries.

Barker has burns on his torso and lower body and Goldstein has burns on his arm and part of his head, Mullins said. (Mullins would not say the percentage of their bodies that were burned or whether they were conscious. He also did not go into detail about the type of treatment they are currently receiving.)

According to People, a blown tire is being blamed for the accident:

"The cockpit voice recorder went on for two hours, but the last 18 minutes were most pertinent, because those words proved that it was a tire blowout that [may have] caused the crash killing four people," Debbie Hersman, board member of the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington, D.C., tells PEOPLE. "After getting their clearance from Air Traffic Control, the plane only got 80 knots on the 8,600-foot runway before the incident," she said. ...The crew tried to abort takeoff, the recording stated, and there were many background and impact sounds on the tape. The voice tapes from the control tower were equally revealing. "The Air Traffic Control tapes stated that they gave the crew clearance to depart, as well as the wind speeds," said Hersman, who is in Columbia with 11 other investigators from the NTSB. "The tapes went on to say they saw sparks and heard the crew on the plane explaining that they were going off of the runway," she said.

One of the victims was Chris Baker, Barker's assistant, though initial rumors that said the jet was chartered so that he could fly back to his pregnant wife's bedside have been proven false. Barker's ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, and AM's ex-girlfriend, Mandy Moore, have flown to the men's bedsides. We'll keep you updated, but hopefully, things will only get better from here. [Photo Credit: AP]