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Watching your favorite shows on TV is a vital part of life, although it does cut into precious shopping time, right? Bravo to the rescue: Going one step further from lucrative sponsorship tie-ins like Tresemmé for Project Runway, the network will soon be promoting and selling its own specially-manufactured products on its highest-rated shows. So fear not: When you spot the Kooba bags worn by the girls in NYC Prep, the forthcoming reality show about rich Manhattan teens, you'll be instantly prompted to go to Bravo's website and order one for $595; same goes for wine, flowers, and knives featured on Top Chef, the winning outfit on Runway-ripoff The Fashion Show, and so forth.

Naturally, making a fat load of profit from its hypnotized captive audience is the last thing on Bravo's mind: All it cares about is giving you, the viewer, what you want and need! "This is a fun way to satisfy what we're hearing from our viewers," says a Bravo Media executive VP, "that they like our shows, that they like our taste." And it clearly has nothing to do with the fact that contestants on Bravo shows have been striking big deals on their own, such as Top Chef's Fabio Viviani, who is now pitching a line of frozen pizzas.

The most terrifying/tantalizing question, however, remains unanswered: What delights will be sold via the quintuple monster that is The Real Housewives of New York? Ramona-endorsed eye-lifts for that extra-intense gaze? Age-inappropriate Kelly-branded short shorts? A guide to surviving your teen years without literally dying of embarrassment, co-written by Victoria Lesseps and Avery Singer? The possibilities are truly endless.

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