What a weekend! Such lovely weather and so many big events and lots of stars did things secretly enough to merit blind items. After the jump we have a reality show judge with bad Botox, an unliked guest star starlet, a lesbian nanny, a former druggie starlet, a private school with Wall Street worries, a star with pee on his shoes, and an angry divorce. 1) "Which reality-TV judge was absent from two of her top-rated shows because she had a bad reaction to Botox? Spies said the fashionista's face 'swelled up like a cauliflower'" [P6] 2) "Which stunning TV actress can't stand the Hollywood starlet who's guest-starring on her show? The series' main character "is furious" at her co-star, who always shows up late and has friends hanging around the set." [P6] 3) "Which new Hollywood mommy is so worried her husband will cheat on her that she insisted their housekeeper/nanny be a lesbian?" [P6] 4) "Which supposedly squeaky-clean starlet was a big fan of some pretty hardcore drugs back in college? Her favorite tagline is, 'Wow, the drugs in Hollywood are so much better than what we used to get.' Of course, all the evidence of her hard partying has been erased. Once she hit the big time a couple of years back, her publicist made the rounds of her pals and bought up all the photo evidence of her former fun." [NYDN] 5) "What private school has sent out e-mails to parents who may have lost everything in the Wall Street crisis asking if they need financial aid?" [NYDN] 6) "Which star was fuming when a drunk reveler peed on his shoes? He popped out for a cigarette during a London Fashion Week party when the man soiled his suede shoes." [Mirror] 7) "This C list actress who really has always done television and was on a very hit drama has B list name recognition. Well she and this a-hole former C list teen actor and now all around douchebag have started dating. If that wasn't bad enough, she's pregnant. I can't believe he is reproducing and that she let him get anywhere near her." [CDaN] 8) "This divorce is getting nasty. Seems that this A list entertainer is a little upset at some of the things his soon to be ex-wife has been saying about him to the press. So, what has he done? Well, honestly, no one knows for sure it is him, but someone has been leaving various pieces of road kill on the front porch of her home and scattered around the yard as well. Seems his wife is a huge animal lover and so this has obviously been having a huge effect on her." [CDaN] 9) "This B list actor/actress couple has been rumored to have called it quits. They have denied it. She has actually been in this space before because of a special international friend she has. Well the couple had come to an understanding about that as long as she was honest about where she was and who she was with. Well, next time she calls home she may want to step away from the guy making boarding announcements at the airport, especially if he is announcing a destination completely different from the place you told your husband you were going to be." [CDaN]