Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? We do, we do. And I guess he do too, sorta. The Police Academy star's bizarre resurgence into the public eye—complete with horribly embarrassing interviews, sign carrying antics, and Brad Pitt-bashing—rumbles on. Last night he made an appearance at a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre, wearing a dress. The question on our minds is, while he seems totally complicit in this "The Gute as laughable punching bag" meme, is he aware of just how much of a joke it actually is? I mean, this is either really funny or really sad. Like so many things in life. Maybe it doesn't matter either way, though. According to BWE, he seems happy:

When he came out, he did not disappoint. I'm not sure if he got this dress from the rack in the Green Room (he wore black socks and brown shoes with it), or if it's something he just carries around with him. It was a sleeveless number which revealed his guns, which were quite impressive for a man his age. He looked great - and happy. He had a sparkle in his eye, and we all felt he was truly excited to be here with us. Immediately, The Gute started complimenting Dave, telling him he was adorable. Chris made a comment along the lines of "he's mine" and for a moment I fantasized about a fight breaking out on stage over Dave.

(So: This appears to be more successful drag than Jake Gyllenhaal's disastrously embarrassing performance of "And I Am Telling You" when he hosted Saturday Night Live. Shudder.) In the end, good on The Gute, I guess? He's achieved reality star-level fame/derision without having been on a reality show! We just wonder how long he can sustain himself on a protracted hipster joke. Maybe forever.