Who the heck knows, really, about any of this stuff, but you guys made some guesses yesterday about the actress who was almost too hairy and you seemed to think it might be Penelope Cruz. A theory I enjoy. Today we have a movie star couple, sex in a limo, a ranting emailer, a potential "cutter," and a relapsed star. 1) "What film brother/sister duo in an upcoming blockbuster film are having to keep their relationship secret because of fears that the general public will not make the distinction between film and real life?" [CDaN] 2) "I don't know if this B+/A- heart throb actor is dating this B- list film actress with A+ name recognition, but it didn't stop them from having sex in a limo on the way to a film. Just wondering if the driver got photos." [CDaN] 3) "Which correspondent will be fired for sending out an email rant about his colleague? He wrote that economically-challenged viewers want to "barf" when they hear the show's anchor complain on air about her obscenely-priced red carpet gowns. Since he was already demoted after his last outburst, this time it's the ax." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which celebrity showed up at a party looking gorgeous in an arm-baring outfit that showed off more than her tan? Friends were horrified to also see a series of red vertical cuts from her wrist to her elbow. The celeb claimed that her cat scratched her. Repeatedly. In that one specific area. That must be one angry cat." [BlindGossip] 5) "Which rehabbed star is back to bar hopping? She has been going out nearly every night since her homecoming, almost always to a bar. Paranoid about being spotted by paparazzi, she has exited just in time on several occasions so there is no photographic evidence yet. However, she does worry that before long her activities might be picked up by a blogger. Too late!" [BlindGossip]