Affable, always-reasonable blogger Michelle Malkin is upset that we published the emails of Sarah Palin, featuring the phone number of Bristol Palin and the already available email address of her husband Todd. We are a "cesspool blog," and also "lowlifes," and also part of a "smear machine," and also we have commited identity theft (!), and last but not least we are "by-any-means-necessary lunatics." Also: "Bastards. Bastards all." Anyways. Back in 2006 Michelle Malkin posted the phone numbers of some college kids planning to protest Ann Coulter. The kids—who were neither running for office nor inserted at the last minute to the great buffet table of family values on display at the nationally televised Republican National Convention—received death threats! Malkin refused to take those phone numbers down! When they complained, Malkin reposted their numbers! Ha! Also, of course, Malkin thinks we should've kept all the Japanese-Americans in WWII locked up in internment camps forever and ever, but hey. Outrage-off! Cesspool Blog! Bastards all!!! [Photo-illustration (c) back when people gave a shit about Michelle Malkin.]