Here is one of the many charming emails your editors have received since we reposted some emails that were hacked and originally posted by Anonymous earlier today, and then called a phone number. Now the "bloggers post their hate mail so you can point and laugh" routine is dead tired, but this one invokes your day editor's mom! "You obviously are too immature to realize that this is a pregnant woman you are bothering. Ask your mom if she approves." We went to your day editor's mom for comment.

Why would you treat a pregnant woman different from any other person, except to offer her a seat on a bus or to help her with a heavy package? Should we say pregnant women can't hold the same jobs as men due to their condition? Or how about run for office due to their delicate condition? I do approve of your efforts, yes, Alex. You and Gawker are doing the job that the MSM isn't - not sounding the same irritating drumbeat as the rest of the media. If one more big media outlet calls Sarah Palin a "reformer", McCain a "maverick", and Bristol some sort of role model for all 17 year olds I WILL SCREAM. (Bristol isn't a role model, she is just a kid who made an unfortunate mistake - maybe 2 mistakes! there, I'm picking on her also). Tell that person that your mother doesn't approve of hate mail. Can't we all get just get along?

She further comments:

Hey, you guys should do a feel-good story on that german shepherd Buddy who DIALED 911 when his owner had a stroke or heart attack. He is a cute german shepherd and apparently has opposable thumbs

Here you go!

"On a recording of the 911 call Wednesday, Buddy is heard whimpering and barking after the dispatcher answers and repeatedly asks if the caller needs help."