Earlier today, we brought you selections from the private email correspondence of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. A look at the contents reveals... well, not much. Whichever /b/tard first hacked into the account didn't actually seem to know what he was looking for and tossed the password into the public before anything that great was tracked down. But still! We can learn a bit from the emails thus far recovered. One, a cryptic, prayerful message from a friend Palin appointed to a nice government job. The other excerpt is maybe more enlightening: an exchange between Palin and her Lt. Governor, complaining at length about the indignities of having to defend their records to the media. Specifically, to one critical right-wing radio talk show host. If Palin can't handle that, it's no wonder she hides from the national press. Read on for the full emails.

First, an email from Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell (currently running to unseat Don Young in the US Congress). Sean writes Sarah to complain about Alaska talk radio host Dan Fagan. Parnell apparently told Fagan that he supported Palin's oil tax plan, called "Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share," or ACES. As a sate legislator, Parnell was anti-tax. Of course Alaska is a semi-socialist oil state, so the ACES tax is pretty standard fare, but Fagan apparently caught Parnell in the trap of having to support his governor as she taxed the beloved oil industry. From: Sean personal2 To: Sarah's Personal Email Sent: Jul 23, 2008 5:40 PM Subject: Re: Looks like it's my turn in dan's crosshairs Yesterday, as I set the record straight on my support for you and my ads, Fagan asked if I supported ACES. I told him I did, gave my reasons why and now he's replaying it over and over next to my ad where I tell people I'm for lower taxes. (which was my legislative history, voted against a state income tax, fought Tony's long range financial plan that included five new taxes, didn't raise taxes when oil was at 9 dollars a barrel, cut spending instead.) It got ugly and will be. Sarah responds, semi-coherently, arguing that Parnell's taxes dodge shouldn't matter next to his commitment to "life issues." Thursday, July 24, 2008 2:14 AM From: gov.palin@yahoo.com To: "Sean personal2" Subject: Re: Looks like it's my turn in dan's crosshairs Arghhh! He is so inconsistent and purposefully misleading! I am sorry Sean. He can keep trying, but you are the right one for the congressional position and he KNOWS it (that's the inconsistency!)…remember how he said it all only really matters on matters like LIFE, honesty, ability, etc…all those things you are (as opposed to attributes of your opponents)? He knows you fit all of this, and conservatives', and Alaskans' criteria. His fighting you reveals some evil stuff going on with him. Does he want someone OPPOSED to the life issue in Congress? NOT capable of working with both parties? NOT experienced and capable and standing strong on all the right issues? I am so sorry he does this.

Next up, an email from Palin friend Amy McCorkell. McCorkell, of Wasilla, is an "office worker and fitness instructor" and some time "private legal investigator" hired by Palin first as an investigator with the Alaska Public Defender Agency and then appointed by Palin to the Governor's Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Sunday, September 14, 2008 6:51 PM From: "Amy McCorkell" yooper@mtaonline.net To: gov.palin@yahoo.com Subject: HI SARAH Hey Sarah, I am reading the paper, and have thoughts and prayers going your way……..don't let the negative press wear you down! Pray for me as well. I need strength to 1. keep employment, 2. not have to choose Lately I just pray may God's will be done. I am trying to learn patience and to listen to God. I pray he gives you energy! Strength! Love, Amy We have no clue what "choice" Amy is praying not to have to make here. Nor do we know what happened to her cushy job on the alcohol board! But we learned a lot: like newspapers are evil and should be prayed at until they go broke.