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What do Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Ja Rule, and Plaxico Burress all have in common? All three made appearances at the courthouse at 100 Centre Street this morning, which would have been a very convenient coincidence for waiting news photographers if they managed to catch them all. A "caramel-skinned" Kelly turned up with lawyer Ed Hayes to face charges she assaulted her boyfriend. (Her case was adjourned to June 8.)

Plaxico stepped out of a black SUV and "strutted" in the direction of the courtroom to face gun possession charges alongside lawyer Ben Brafman. (His case was put off until June 15.) And Ja Rule turned up to face gun possession charges of his own, although he managed to do the best job of avoiding the cameras, since he "kind of snuck in another route," as he explained to a reporter later.

Now if someone would just work out a way to have all three appear on a reality show together, and there wouldn't even have to be quite so much effort involved. The producers could rent a mini-van to take them to their court appearances, the trip back and forth would be accompanied by tears (Kelly) and blunts (Ja), and the episode would end at their communal loft with a guest appearance by Dr. Drew. Get cracking, Bravo.

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