It was the question that had all of America's small, CW-watching audience in its thrall for about a week, tops: who is the father of Kelly's baby on 90210? Sure, Canada took great pains to give away the show's secret, but for spoiler-avoiding true patriots, last night's episode finally revealed the babydaddy behind Beverly Hills's most famous "splash-off".Jennie Garth had her own take on the matter, telling People:

Since you started the new 90210, who did the fans want the father to be? It’s funny because everyone who was a fan of the original show has an opinion about who Kelly ended up with. I had been so detached from it for so long that I was like, I don’t even know how the show left it off. Had she gone away with Brandon or Dylan? I remember that one time when she said, ‘I choose me,’ which was really great. That was hilarious to me. I’d have to say it’s 50/50–it’s either Brandon or Dylan. Everyone wanted to know who the father was, and you know, I’d say it could be Steve Sanders or it could be Nat from the Peach Pit. You don’t know. ...How do you think the fans will react to the news? Either way, whether the son was Brandon’s or Dylan’s, the fans will be excited. Because that’s a direct connection with what they want–the original show. And those characters from the original show are seared into those old hardcore fans’ mind, and to have that connection and to have that tie-in, they’re going to love it. And they’re going to analyze everything that little kid does. He has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

Seriously! Shouldn't that little boy have sideburns out to here by now?