Births, Deaths, and Marriages is a column about what's happening to persons of interest in Gawker society. Send us your tips about breakups, hookups, knock-ups, and everything else that completes the circle of media-life. Today's roundup: Newsweek's Richard Wolffe, theater's John Booth, Bill Clinton's Paula Jones, and headband-wearing, pot-smoking socialite Arden Wohl's parents.Birthdays: Richard Wolffe of Newsweek is 40 today. Fun fact: he speaks Ladino, the language of the Spanish and Sephardic Jews. Frizzy-haired former Bill Clinton sex-propositionee Paula Jones is 42. [Cityfile] Deaths: John Booth, theater author and founder of the organization that sponsors TKTS, the discount theater ticket booth in Times Square. Thanks for the half-price tickets to Hairspray, good sir! [NYT]. Nina Lawson, longtime wig mistress for the Metropolitan Opera. [NYT] Breakups: Larry and Denise Wohl, parents of headband-wearing "filmmaker" socialite Arden, have separated. “I would not say that he has a girlfriend, but [Larry] was [at the Plaza] with a woman.” Well, close enough. [NY Observer]