Bristol Palin smoked weed on camera, the Enquirer reports today in the latest installment of the tabloid's investigation into the Republican running mate's family values. And Bristol's boyfriend Levi could desensitize Cindy McCain under the table! (Also, cocaine.) See the full sordid story after the jump, along with our attempt to explain Whether Christians Will Care.A lot of churches ban the use of drugs and alcohol and even coffee, which is ridiculous, but pot is a particularly thorny issue. In the late seventies the religious right was widely credited for galvanizing public sentiment against the strides the Nixon and Carter administrations made toward the decriminalization of drugs and raising the political capital to fund the endless gazillion dollar War On Drugs. Those religious rightists did all this because they were creeped out by their kids under the influence of pot. Still, the Christians have never imposed any sort of Islamish ban on mood-altering substances, namely I would venture because "Thou Shalt Not Kill Brain Cells" is nowhere to be found in the Ten Commandments, perhaps because Moses was high on hallucinogens when God revealed them to him, and a couple thousand years later when God sent down that community organizer son of his to save us from our original sins, Jesus seemed to develop a keen understanding of the value of the "addictive personality" to the propagation of his cause. There is nothing like an addiction to drugs to keep a guy sinning, and there is nothing like compulsive sin to remind you how much you need Christ's forgiveness. So Father forgive Levi and Bristol for they have committed the sin of premarital sex on at least one known occasion and here are maybe some clues as to the demons that led them so terribly astray:

  • Bristol Palin began laughing uncontrollably after smoking weed on camera in a video shot before her mom became governor back when she was probably 15.
  • Says a source: "It was just another regular night of partying for Bristol and the other wild kids in Wasilla."
  • A friend says he has gotten Levi cocaine "on at least three occasions and has seen him snort it."
  • Bristol Palin was known as the "makeout queen."
  • Levi was "also on steroids" that he injected.
  • He used to sell Oxycontin for "lots of money"!
  • But not all of it. He smoked it himself "off of aluminum foil." Um, I don't think I made this up but isn't that called "cracker crack" or something?