Former Star editor Bonnie Fuller, who floats menacingly over the celebrity media like mist on a bog, has a new web venture in the works. She also has an insatiable thirst for money. And, of course, she has but a tenuous grasp on reality as a whole. Which of these is the explanation for the elusive question: Why the fuck has she spent the last several months writing the same meandering column over and over for increasingly unlikely outlets? It started earlier this summer with her ruminations in Ad Age about Madonna's celebrity conspiracy, Obama's celebrity conspiracy, and Sarah Palin's celebrity conspiracy. What appeal did these columns hold for members of the ad industry? Idle entertainment, we imagine. But now Bonnie's writing for MediaPost, for Christ's sake. About celebrities!

Recently, I was lured into a discussion with a highly educated career woman and a business guy - and yes, he's heterosexual -


about a public comment that reality star Kim Kardashian had made. Apparently, she needs to wax every day, and my discussion mates were deeply curious as to why anyone would require daily waxing. Where would she go to do it? What parts need attending to? Now, if that isn't proof enough that the celebrity obsession is alive and well and shows no signs of abating, then I can give you many more examples.

Then she does, in fact, give you many more examples. More than you would probably ever care to hear! I think you've made your point, Bonnie: you have lots of disconnected celebrity tidbits to spew, and you will travel as far down the trade magazine ladder as necessary in order to spew them. Now stop before you kill all the, you know, interest in your website. [MediaPost]