Yesterday you guys were pretty scattered on the identity of the actor who gave his daughter cocaine, but you seemed pretty sure that the preening secret diva gangsta rapper was either 50 Cent or, well, all of them. Today we have a kinky TV star, an actor who went sorta crazy at a car wash, a too-hairy actress, and a vengeful actor who ruined some small businesses out of spite. 1) "Which TV star is on the verge of being dumped by his hot girlfriend? The unlucky-in-love presenter's bedtime demands are just too kinky for this girl next door." [Mirror] 2) "I guess this actor would be considered A list because he does have a franchise. I would call him more B+ list. He is not married currently. He has really begun to change from the funny, sweet guy he was always portrayed in the media to be. Lately though he has snapped at people quite frequently. A couple of weeks ago there was a prime example of this. Our actor took his car to be washed. Well, at this particular car wash, the attendants vacuum and do other things prior to the car going through the wash. Most patrons just go inside and wait. Not our actor who stayed with them every second and made them do everything three or sometimes four times. The lines of cars backed up because of the actor was about 20 deep. After he was satisfied, they moved the car into the wash. The actor went inside to watch through the viewing window. That lasted as long as it took for the car to actually go through the jets of water. After that, the actor went inside the washing area and made sure the attendants got every spot washed and wiped and clean. What should have been ten minutes turned into 30, all because this actor was out of control. Finally, someone in management noticed the line of cars and ordered the actor out of the area. When he refused, they moved his car out, and told him to leave and never come back." [CDaN] 3) "Which gorgeous actress almost lost a plum role recently because of her hair? And we're not talking about the hair on the top of her head. In the weeks leading up to production, she stopped shaving her underarms, legs and nether regions, claiming that it helped her get into character. She then refused to shave for the duration of the shoot. A frustrated director and frantic wardrobe team found themselves scrambling to provide new outfits to cover all her hairy bits." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which actor is thought to have played a part in the damage of some small businesses? It seems that he asked the local businesses to close down one evening to accommodate traffic and security for his private party. The businesses declined. The day after the party, the businesses showed up to find that their sewage systems had all mysteriously malfunctioned for the first time ever, forcing all of them to close while the stinky mess was cleaned up. The business owners don't think it was a coincidence." [BlindGossip]