Oh, great: The children's division at HarperCollins is planning a novel based on the teenaged years of Sex And The City character Carrie Bradshaw. Sex inspiration Candance Bushnell will write the thing and HarperCollins will target it at both teenagers and older fans, making the novel perfect for parents who'd like to give it as a "gift" to their children before awkwardly reclaiming it once it's been read. And what sorts of sex scenes might whole families be enjoying once this book is published two years from now? The Observer's Leon Neyfakh used this question as an excuse to re-watch his entire collection of SATC videos:

If the universe of the books is consistent with the universe of the show—and it very well may not be—readers should anticipate a scene featuring an 11th-grade Carrie sharing “half a joint” with one Seth Bateman and then doing it with him on the Ping-Pong table in his “smelly rec room.” At least this is how Carrie describes her origin story to Charlotte in episode 38, “The Big Time.”

Bushnell's editors aren't sure if this or any other sex scene will be included in the book. It doesn't matter: The book will have at least one generation of young kids primed to watch Sex And The City before they even graduate high school, which is corrupting enough on its own. They'll be ordering dreadful cocktails from the get go, for God's sake!