Sarah Palin may have railed against the "Washington elite" at the Republican National Convention and bragged about how being an "average hockey mom" from a small town. But she obviously wants to fit in with American aristocracy, because according to Page Six she wore a "shantung silk Valentino [Gravani] jacket worth $2,500" while giving her down-home talk. Shantung silk, whatever the hell that is, sounds like it's from China, while Valentino is clearly Italian, which makes this thing one of the most treasonous garments ever invented. It gets worse!

Valentino is of course a "flamboyant to the extreme" homosexual, and now Palin is blithely supporting his lifestyle, against the stated wishes of Jesus.

All of this proves that Palin laughs in the faces of bitter working people, or more likely that Obama's oppo team doesn't realize that the more people talk about Palin, the less they talk about temperamental old man John McCain and the happier their Republican counterparts become.

Also, the Obama people preemptively ruined this opening by making their own self-defeating fashion decision. They opened a bizarre online clothing store under this logo:

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