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• It seems Michael Wolff is finally coming clean about intern-turned-girlfriend Victoria Floethe: The author and Vanity Fair contributor brought her to a tasting at Graydon Carter's Monkey Bar last week and now admits he and his wife Alison Anthoine are planning to divorce. [P6]
• This will probably come as a huge surprise given his upstanding reputation, but it's rumored Bernie Madoff hasn't been faithful to his wife all these years, and may have cheated on her on a couple of occasions. [R&M]
• A "friend" of Joe Biden's daughter Ashley has been trying to sell a tape of her allegedly snorting cocaine for $250,000. [NYDN]
• Madonna appeared in a Malawian court today to discuss her adoption of a four-year-old girl, but a judge put off a decision until Friday. [AP, NYP]

• Rihanna has reportedly stopped cooperating with prosecutors investigating Chris Brown because she "wants the whole thing to go away." [Fox 411]
• Tamara Mellon and Christian Slater have split up. [Sun]
Mariah Carey somehow proved that she isn't pregnant by "drinking glasses of red wine with a straw" at a club Coconut Grove Saturday night. [NYDN]
• Courtney Love is being sued by a fashion designer who claims she was libeled on Love's Twitter and MySpace pages. [P6]
• Now that he's leaving CNBC, anchor Dylan Ratigan is reportedly looking to land his own talk show over at ABC. [P6]
• The latest in Sam Ronson-Lindsay Lohan news: Sam is supposedly "furious" with LiLo for exchanging texts with "two hunky DJs" she met in London. [Showbiz Spy]
• Michael Jackson might be planning to have his oldest son Prince Michael I come on stage with him during his tour this summer. [MSNBC]
• Paris Hilton's boyfriend Doug Reinhardt got into a brawl with a DJ in Miami last week because he wouldn't put on the music Paris wanted. [P6]
50 Cent and Ciara were spotted looking "snuggly" in Las Vegas. [P6]
• The list of people ripped off by 'mocialite' Paul Johnson-Calderon keeps growing: He's now accused of stealing a wallet and a jacket at Southside and vintage coat at the Beatrice Inn. [P6]
• The rapper T.I. was sentenced to a year and a day in prison after pleading guilty to weapon charges on Friday. [NYP]
• You may want to sit down for this piece of news: Jen Aniston may be "parting ways" with her longtime hairstylist, Chris McMillan. [DS]