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"Real Housewife" Alex McCord lost her job at Victoria's Secret a few weeks ago, a development that insures that construction of her Brooklyn townhouse won't be complete until 2017 or so. Unfortunately, her new gig won't help pay for the granite in her kitchen or French lessons for her son, since blogging for the Huffington Post doesn't come with a salary of any sort. But it does give her a platform to share her deepest feelings! McCord says that fear "has been a big, shadowy monster creeping up behind" her recently, especially as she hears about more and more people joining her in unemployment-land. But there are positive aspects to not having a job: "It feels great to actually make a date with someone you really want to see," she says, as if there are people in the city who are actually taking time out of their day to make such "dates." Clearly, though, she can't remain unemployed forever given her husband's modest salary managing a budget hotel, so she's currently on the hunt for new sources of income:

I had some good meetings as well, mostly regarding opportunities spinning from the show. There's the licensing of a clothing line, a cosmetics company looking for a face, a product line looking for an ambassador, and commercial opportunities. I'd be lying to myself if the idea of getting back into acting hadn't crossed my mind. Frankly everything crossed my mind this week. Should I roast myself to the tune of the character from season 1 by taking commercial roles as a pretentious housewife? Should I be the stunt-casting pretentious wannabe who gets murdered on Law & Order? Should I package our parenting book together, as some have suggested, with a dry, tongue-in-cheek book about social climbing in the big, bad city? The problem is that I don't think I know how to or want to write that unless it's completely fictionalized. I'd love to play Lady Macbeth at Lincoln Center but somehow I think people who know me as a Real Housewife aren't ready for that, nor would it replace my income.

Strangely the one thing she is qualified to do isn't on the list, but just give her some time.

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