Today Chris Hitchens's Slate column praises Barack Obama. This is notable because the Hitch would seem to rather have his nuts waxed for a story and/or get waterboarded for a story than be caught praising any politician less unlikely than former Former Undersecretary Of Hobbesean Experimentation/Torture In The Iraq Doug Feith for a story. So over the past year Hitch has generally stuck to dissing Obama for tolerating supposed champions of the oppressed who live in fancy houses like Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton, for marrying someone who was not a good writer in college, for taking that fancy tour of Europe and for resorting to "tiresome demagoguery" in knocking John McCain for purporting to champion the oppressed while living in all those fancy houses,Today though, The Hitch decided to praise Obama's foreign policy. Is O polling so bad that to say nice things about him qualifies as sufficiently pathologically contrarian for Mr. Sarah Palin could be a secret genius? Or maybe Hitch counterintuitively decided to watch Obama on O'Reilly the other day and liked the fancy BBC presenter way Obama pronounces "Pakistan." Actually come to think of it that is probably what happened.