When Wall Street began crumbling yesterday, the rich bemoaned the loss of their money. Everybody else in New York immediately said to themselves: "Jiminy Cricket, could this be the end of mandatory bottle service in shitty clubs full of rich pricks?" I mean, it was the universal response! Bottle service rules require the purchase of a wildly overpriced bottle of liquor just to enter a club. But early indications are that Manhattan nightclubs may already be putting the $450 bottle of Grey Goose to rest. Dare we even hope?: (What I generically imagine are) Shitty one-syllable clubs Quo, Myst, and Prime didn't wait even a full day to send out this press release to Alex Geana:

Quo, then Myst and finally Prime were one of the most successful "bottle" venues in NYC. We took full advantage of that era. But now, that era is over and its time for a new model. With the new Prime comes a new attitude and a new goal creating pleasure for the customer and making the party a fun party. Admission will no longer be driven by bottle sales. If someone looks good enough to get in and comes with the right attitude, they will get in without bottles.

On Monday, the whole fucking era was over, just like that, kaput! Quo says so! Furthermore, a new goal of creating pleasure for the customer. Which stands in opposition to the old goal: Pissing off everybody except I-bankers. We applaud this new nightlife paradigm. [Alex Geana; pic via here]