Okay, GOP. I was there the first time you lambasted the deep-rooted sexism pervading our media and culture to score political points with women. I was there the second and fourth and 59th time too! I didn't think it would work initially. Aren't Democrats the party of abortions and birth control and the Equal Rights Amendment? Yes, the Obama campaign's purported misogyny got Geraldine Ferraro steamed enough to threaten supporting John McCain, but surely that had to be an isolated case of post-menopausal hysteria! (Joke.) But then you unearthed so many disgruntled white Hillary supporters Fox News began to look like a Barnard reunion.* And the Sarah Palin nomination was brilliant! The media is still vomiting up all that bait you set. Yeah okay but, you are done for now. You just invoked the S-charge against the socialist babykilling maggots for the very last time! Because you can level it at pretty much anyone — me included yes! — but not freaking Tina Fey.

It's former Hewlett Packard CEO and McCain adviser Carly Fiorina — yes, it is much more credible if a woman lobs such charges! — saying Tina Fey's SNL skit poking fun at the GOP's overuse of the "sexist" charge to score points with women was…no really, sexist. The full text is here! Enjoy it here, because this is the last time we will be paying attention to this meme. Did you hear how the financial system was on fire, guys? In fact, why didn't someone think to ask Carly Fiorina about that? Typical sexist media.

*Seriously I have never seen so many women with brown hair on Fox News in my life. They even formed their own group, the Party Unity My Ass-es or PUMAs, because Barack Obama called that girl "sweetie" and John McCain uses empowering terms to address females such as "cunt."