So it was a year ago now that shouting head Jim Cramer completely lost his mind in front of the cameras at CNBC. Cramer screamed that government officials had "NO IDEA how bad it is out there — NONE!!!" and that the economy was becoming "armageddon." It was glorious television. Now that the meltdown is truly molten, it's the former hedge-fund manager's turn to gloat. Last night on his Mad Money, Cramer assailed federal officials as "disgraceful" and "ignorant" for allowing things to get this bad. He also called Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke "in over his head." And he did it all with relative calm — perhaps content that, for once, he was both correct and correctly understood. (Twenty minutes later, Cramer was screaming "booyah!" and triggering cannon sound effects for his "Buy Or Sell... lightning round.") Video after the jump.

New video above, old video below: