"Google may take its battle for global domination to the high seas with the launch of its own 'computer navy'," reads the day's most terrifying first sentence of a news story. Christ Jesus in holy Heaven, a computer navy? Is this the part when mankind finally goes up against the massive computer armies run amok? Don't worry: you have nothing to fear except a massive flotilla of untouchable Google supercomputers not accountable to any nation on earth: Google has filed a patent application for "water based data centres," which would be huge ships full of supercomputers floating seven miles offshore, using the motion of the ocean to power and cool themselves, nefariously:

The supercomputers housed in the data centres, which can be the size of football pitches, use massive amounts of electricity to ensure they do not overheat. As a result the internet is not very green.

They're simply starting their floating robot brigade in order to be green! Back to your mundane tasks, humans. [Times UK via Radar]