We all know Luke Russert is the house wunderkind at NBC news, presumably brought in to engage the youth audience during this historic election. As a youthful guy, Russert naturally blogs. And guess what. He's annoyingly free of self-awareness. A sample:

"In the last three months, three things have brought the two candidates together: one, my late father's funeral mass; two, Rick Warren's Saddleback Forum about faith and God; three, 9/11....For me, that was the lede. Two senators from different parties with completely different backgrounds said that there was a missed opportunity for America after 9/11. From a tragic event, we as a nation could have risen to a new high, could have had a civic reawakening, but we did not. So whether or not you support John McCain or Barack Obama, all Americans should be comforted that the next president will echo the words of John F. Kennedy, spoken many decades ago, 'We can do better.'"

To me, that sounded like he was leading with his father's funeral mass, but then, I'm not the seasoned journalist here. You'd have thought he would've had to do at least one summer as an NBC intern before boarding the nepotism express, just for the sake of appearance. I don't really blame the kid, after all. Who among us would refuse? But NBC just looks ridiculous. No offense, but what did this kid ever do besides be born to a certain father and then have that certain father die? And just because your father did something well (or at least did that thing) doesn't mean you are going to be able to do it. Even more pathetic is how the other anchors, especially Matt Lauer, fawn over the kid. He's a communications grad Matt, not the Panchen Lama. Journalism is not genetic. [Luke Russert's blog]