• Yesterday the House approved a 90% tax on bonuses paid to execs at certain firms that received government aid. Now some lawmakers are talking about banning all bonus payments at bailed-out firms. [Reuters]
• It's unclear if the 90% tax will hold up in court. It's also possible it will do more harm than good and ultimately "wreck what's left of our economy." [BI]
Andrew Cuomo says AIG has provided him with a list of employees who earned bonuses, but he won't release the names until the security situation has been sorted out, which is good news since it's getting a little rough out there what with all the death threats and protests. [AP, NYT, Reuters]
• Just who knew about the AIG bonuses—and when they knew it—is being closely scrutinized, although Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says he is prepared to accept full responsibility. [NYT, CNN]

• At least 13 companies receiving billions of dollars in bailout money owe more than $220 million in unpaid federal taxes. [DB]
• Bank of America was involved in accounting for fourth-quarter writedowns at Merrill Lynch before it acquired the brokerage firm. [Reuters]
Leon Black's Apollo Management is in talks to take a sizeable stake in Charter Communications as the company heads towards bankruptcy. [WSJ]
• More changes at Citigroup: The bank's CFO, Gary Crittenden, is leaving his post to head up CitiHoldings and a new CFO will be named. [Crain's]
• GE Capital is reassuring nervous investors that it has no plans to ask for a federal bailout and should actually turn a profit this quarter. [WSJ, NYT]
• The global economic slowdown is so severe that the worldwide economy will contract for the first time in 60 years, the IMF says. [CNN]