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• Lindsay Lohan is reportedly moving into a temporary "therapeutic environment" run by Stephen and Daniel Baldwin, where she can "go to work and meetings," and "remove the negative influences in her life." Sounds like the basis for a great sitcom, too. [Fox 411]
Holly Peterson—socialite, daughter of billionaire Pete Peterson, and author of The Manny—is calling it quits with her husband of 15 years, Goldman Sachs exec Richard Kimball Jr. [P6]
• Whitney Port and actor Robert Buckley hooked up at a party in Miami and were later spotted "making out at Nobu." [P6, OK!, E!]
• Fashion editors: They're just like us! Vogue's Andre Leon Talley was spotted "chowing down on chimichangas at Chili's" at LAX on Tuesday night. [P6]

• Britney Spears has supposedly been offered $3 million to write her autobiography, although she hasn't signed a deal yet because all of the editors she's met this far have been "too snooty." [NYDN]
• A British tabloid is reporting that Madonna broke up with Jesus Luz because she thought their relationship would hurt her chances of adopting another baby. But who knows what to believe anymore. [DS]
• Jeremy Piven appears to have smoked a little weed with Snoop Dogg after the Grammys last month, although it was probably for medicinal purposes what with all his mercury issues and all. [PITNB]
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have supposedly made an offer to buy a $125 million mansion in Beverly Hills. [Luxist]
• Billionaire John Caudwell paid Leona Lewis $1.5 million to perform at a party for his daughter. [NYDN]
• A bunch of UCLA students are campaigning to get James Franco booted from the lineup of speakers at their graduation. [OK!, TMZ]
• Is Rihanna concerned that if she upsets Chris Brown he'll retaliate by releasing a sex tape? That's what Star seems to think. [Star]
• Former American Idol employees are suing the show's producer for falsifying time cards, denying staffers meals, and failing to pay overtime. [THR]
• Unnamed friends of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel say they think the couple may be breaking up soon. [CST]
Beyonce reportedly spent $11,000 during a visit to Pat Field's store this week. [P6]
• Actor T.R. Knight was involved in a minor car accident yesterday. [People]
• Jessica Simpson's dad is supposedly trying to get her to dump Tony Romo because he thinks he's become "a distraction." [NE]
• Kevin Federline celebrated his birthday Wednesday night with dinner at Brother Jimmy’s with his new girlfriend, his dad, Kourtney Kardashian, and Taye Diggs. We're confused by that group, too. [NYDN]
• The chance to kiss Kate Moss went for £5,000 at a London auction. [Luxist]