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For some parents, raising a child alone after a partner has committed suicide is a sensitive thing. Then, as always, there is Courtney Love. Last seen recommending orgasms to the Jonas Brothers, the singer is once again in the news for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on her daughter's 16th birthday party, a suicide-themed affair that included games like a "who can look the most dead" contest. No bonus points for dressing like Kurt Cobain, as that was Frances Bean's costume:

Courtney Love spent over $323,000 on her daughter's birthday party. The Hole singer – who is the widow of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – spared no expense in ushering Frances Bean into adulthood at her 'RIP childhood' themed 16th birthday. The event – held at Los Angeles' House of Blues restaurant – saw Frances sporting a dress previously worn by her father Cobain at a performance at Reading Festival. Courtney arrived in a dress worn by actress Angelica Huston in creepy comedy movie 'The Addams Family'.

While we've always seen a strong resemblance to her father in Frances Bean, never did we quite imagine it playing out in such a morbid, parent-referencing fashion. We look forward to her 18th birthday, a heroin-themed affair with games like "Pin the Thrown Makeup on Madonna," and her exciting soiree to celebrate turning 21: "Plastic Surgery Extravaganza!" [Photo Credit: AP]