Gawker-approved blogger The Assimilated Negro sent us—and you—a gift! He writes: "There's a lot of buzz about post-racial this, and pre-internet that, but suffice to say those two things (race and the internet) have made the national conversation about our "American" Culture infinitely more complex. And of course everyone loves to pin the post-racial hubbub to Obama, but I'm thinking a lot of this acknowledging-differences-yet-remaining-united sensibility actually started post 9/11. I've long been a fan of NY Magazine's cracka-ass-crackatrix Approval Matrix; so on this post-9/11 day I thought it'd be appropriate to offer a more multicultural scatter-graph to help us analyze recent news happenings from a Post-Racial cultural context." So after the jump: The Melanin Matrix for 9/12.

[TAN's post-racial blog]