When he's not threatening our tipsters and offering to shove recording devices up our collective ass, scruffy indie actor Vincent Gallo is threatening a female Blackbook reporter at Fashion Week. The Brown Bunny actor offered to "track [her] down and make [her] wish [she] was never born!" (In fact, we've also heard from other gal reporters who have interviewed Vince that received threats along the same lines.) Maybe Vince loves women so much he hates them. Because he would be rakishly handsome if not for all this anger. Hey Vince! You can track me down and make me wish I was never born—I'm just crazy enough to win. I'm in the office at 210 Elizabeth Street most weekdays (so call first.) Bring it. (And who the fuck is letting him into Fashion Week?) Click for the girl-threatening video![via Blackbook] Click to view