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• Following conflicting news reports, it now appears that Natasha Richardson was pronounced brain dead sometime yesterday following her skiing accident in Canada on Monday. She's now reported to be at Lenox Hill on the Upper East Side, where her family members have gathered to hold a vigil and say goodbye. [NYP, People, NYT]
• Rihanna and Chris Brown might be "taking a break," although neither one says it's a "formal breakup," whatever that means. [E!]
• Lindsay Lohan's driver crashed her SUV into a wall outside the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles at 3:30 am Tuesday morning. [E!]
Graydon Carter has already started inviting friends to visit Monkey Bar, the restaurant he's opening on East 54th Street. [P6]
• Just what the world needs: Justin Timberlake recently returned from Mexico, where he's been working on launching his own brand of tequila. [P6]

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are supposedly looking for a house in Santa Monica so they can leave New York and "move to LA permanently." See ya! [P6]
• Jenna Jameson gave birth to twin boys on Monday. [MSNBC]
• One of the two puppies Oprah adopted earlier this month has died. [UPI]
• Madonna's "boytoy" Jesus Luz was spotted in Rio de Janeiro having "lots of fun with the local female company." [P6]
• Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal may have gotten engaged, or at least that's what Star is claiming. [Star]
Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are reportedly planning a second wedding ceremony in Costa Rica in April. [Radar/Nat'l Enquirer]
Al Roker and Chris Cuomo are in a little feud for some reason. [P6]
• 'N Sync mastermind Lou Pearlman is supposedly in talks to create a new reality show even though he's still in jail. [NYDN]
Christina Ricci is engaged to actor Owen Benjamin. [Us]
Parker Posey says she's planning to star in an off-Broadway play. [AP]
• Now that she's unemployed, "Real Housewife" Alex McCord is reportedly trying to get a talent agent and plans to "model, act, and maybe even dance her way into new success." Good luck with that! [BC]