Seven years after terrorists attacked New York and Washington in a stunning feat of gargantuan destruction that instilled a seemingly permanent sense of fear in Americans pretty much everywhere except New York and DC, we at Gawker have not forgotten to never forget! And guess what, there is a very difficult new quiz up on MSNBC that five of us just took to prove it! We even beat Wonkette. Come, try failing it yourself! And then see which Gawker editors you most resemble in the Rage of the Creative Underclass Curve:Pareene and I both scored 60%, because he is a genius and I was a journalist then. (All journalists covered nothing but 9/11 until January 2002; it was like Sarah Palin but with anthrax too.) (Also, remember Ashleigh Banfield? Just saying.) Richard got 50%, because he is secretly a genius. Jim Newell of Wonkette got 40%, because he is a child genius whose contemporaries were barely reading that Pet Goat book* in 2001 and Sheila got 40% because she was late to theater class and thought people were describing the plot of some wack ass movie. Ryan Tate got 20% because his mind is filled with information and data points that are actually usable in blog posts. [MSNBC]

*Yeah, extra credit if you knew it was actually called "The Pet Goat", not "My Pet Goat." I guess we can blame Michael Moore for that common misnomer, but hey, like I told someone I misidentified in a post yesterday accuracy in these times is a giant fucking bridge to nowhere.