Attention, teenage girls: all that talking to your friends is bad for you. So stop it! That's not just what everybody, from your geeky classmates to your dad to strangers trapped on subway trains with you thinks; it's the doctor's advice! Oversharing has officially been deemed bad for humanity's mental health. Vindication at last! Consider the opinion of psychologists, Julia Allison:

Some studies have found that excessive talking about problems can contribute to emotional difficulties, including anxiety and depression.

Get off the internet, Lena Chen:

The term researchers use is "co-rumination" to describe frequently or obsessively discussing the same problem. The behavior is typical among teens - Why didn't he call? Should I break up with him? And, psychologists say, it has intensified significantly with e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging and Facebook.

Caveat: having friends to overshare with is considered good for self-esteem; the obsessive oversharing itself is not. Caveat 2: these lessons could just as easily apply to, say, Rex Sorgatz as to Emily Brill. Oversharing knows no bounds. Stop it! [NYT]