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Though The Hills star Lauren Conrad is highly paid enough without having to do anything but passive-aggressively judge her friends over drinks at Goa, she must be applauded for finding new skills to add to her highly staged resume. First, the 22-year-old took a detour into fashion design, and now, according to People, she's been signed to a three-book deal with HarperCollins. Heretofore limited to short stories in the vein of a Sidekicked "OMG Audrina WTF," the deal will allow Conrad to spread her wings and write young adult fiction:

The books – the first of which is scheduled to hit shelves in the summer of 2009 – will be loosely inspired by Conrad's own experience going from an ordinary teen to a reality TV star. "It's definitely influenced by my own life," Conrad tells PEOPLE. "The books are about a girl who moves to L.A. and stars in a reality show, so obviously there are some similarities."

Not to be outdone, Hills nemesis Heidi Montag and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt have announced a three-pamphlet deal with Chick Tracts, intended to chronicle the adventures of "Heid Monta," a dizzy blonde who's instructed by her Svengali figure to don a leotard and step-aerobicize her way into reality show infamy. The deal will be paid in Orange Tic-Tacs, with an additional option for Blue kicking in after a potential second printing.