What? We'd expect to find a slew of celebs at at a hip downtown concert for, say, the Citizen's Band or something—but mediocre granola college-rockers Dave Matthews? The Stalker sightings are coming in from last night's show at Madison Square Garden, and it seemed to have attracted the celebrity dregs. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were backstage, "dressed like it's January," one tipster said. And aging cougar-fameball Dina Lohan, mom of LiLo? Allegedly drunk:

"I sat in front of Dina Lohan and her much younger male friend at the Dave Matthews concert last night. She was acting like she was 20 and was pretty drunk. She was dancing in a way no mother should dance. She is prettier in person than I had expected and does not look even close to her age."

Come on, it's Fashion Week. Was there seriously nothing else to do last night?