My distinguished colleagues at Daily Intel are in something of a snit today over some recent cameo-casting news from the cruel temptresses at Gossip Girl. On an upcoming episode of the unpopular teen soap will be, of course, a party. And at that party will be two editors from In Style magazine, making cameos as themselves. Also making cameos will be dozens of brand-name products. Then all of that will be tied up in a nice little bundle and covered in the magazine as a "real event." Whee for awkward, product placement synergy! But it's not the first time it's happened on the show. After the jump, we'll take a look at four other cameos, of people and things, that have appeared on the show and rate their Product Placement-ness, on scale from one to ten.

Jay McInerney, sad writer The Bright Lights, Big City author made a cameo in this year's season premiere as something of a weary, disgruntled version of himself. He lectured Dan on the merits of being a writer and actually, you know, writing stuff. Also, he read aloud from his own book! Specifically that 1984 New York verbal flood Bright Lights... Advertising a 25-year-old book? That get's a 2

Weave Me a Dream, Ashley Winksdale Japan's (and our) favoritest socialite ever, Tinsley Mortimer, also cameo'd on the season premiere, briefly helping young Jenny Humphrey's budding fashion career, then intensely drinking a martini. Miz Tinz has a little fashion career of her own, mostly designing handbags. Though they weren't specifically mentioned, Jenny did gush effusively that Tinsley is littered throughout her personal "look book." We give it a 4.

Where Do You Want Me, Mr. Bass? Socialite and sort-of writer, I guess, Lydia Hearst (Shaw?) appeared on last season's finale as the swan-ish blonde nymph that briefly lured Chuck Bass away from his one true beloved, Blair. She barely had any lines, just sort of standing there briefly looking skinny. So it's hard to assess whether any real marketing ploys were in play with this one, other than to say that Ms. Hearst (Shaw??) seems to fancy herself something of a commodity unto herself, so I guess maybe she was advertising. Still though we're not sure it counts all that much, so we'll give it a lowly 1

Afterward Maybe We Can Go To the Arizona Iced Tea After Party Again on the season premiere this year! Everyone in the Hamptons (and in Manhattan) wanted to go to the big White Party out there in the storied, stony enclaves of Long Island. No, it wasn't P. Puff Diddy Daddy's famous shindig, it was a different un-hued grand affair. That was, um, sponsored by Vitamin Water. The idea that any tony high society types might want to attend such a garish, tacky debacle is laughable, yes, but in some ways you have to admire the company's and The CW's moxie in just blatantly saying "fuck it" and putting it out there. So we nod our heads with bitter respect and give it a 10.

Stop Making Chris Rovzar and Jessica Pressler Mad, Dammit. That's My Job. So yes, as mentioned above: fancy party that all the sexy characters go to, where they are surrounded by Ralph Lauren and ABC Carpet & Home luxury household products. Two In Style folks that no one has ever heard of (and one of whom had never seen the show until the day before) make awkward cameos and then it all gets put into the magazine. Advertorials are at times a necessary evil (see our front page) and are often less intrusive than just a blatant "I'll have a Vitamin Water" moment. So as long as the episode isn't derailed by the whole shenanigans, we'll give it the benefit of the doubt and only give it a 7 And then, of course, there's that unending parade of designer label fashions. We give that a one billion.