The revisionist Judy Miller/Valerie Plame dramatization Nothing But the Truth has yet to find the traction its makers had hoped for in Toronto ("As a bitchy, comic/melodramatic woman’s picture on the order of All About Eve or The Women, Rod Lurie’s Nothing But The Truth is wildly entertaining," wrote one critic. "Unfortunately for Lurie, I think it’s probably supposed to be a serious political parable about This Fix We Find Ourselves in Now"), but not all seems lost. Especially for journalists, a few of whom Kate Beckinsale shadowed in preparation for her role as the Miller-esque Rachel Armstrong, and with whom she drew a number of novel professional comparisons to actors Monday at Truth's TIFF premiere. Like the one where we wait behind a barricade for 90 minutes to get 45 seconds with her? Or the one where Vincent Gallo assails our former colleague as an "ugly cunt"? We know, we know — it's uncanny! Learn more in the video after the jump. [AP]