We thought the bizarre GOP attacks against "community organizers" were just commonplace venom against those dumb enough to try to "change the system" with anything other than money and its attendant political power, not necessarily coded messages (the disdain Rudy Giuliani displayed when snarling the words was surely his own ad-lib, as a noted enemy of communities, and ferrets). But one can forgive New York Governor David Paterson for reading a racial element into the odd slurs—"community organizing" does just sound like something the black communities need, right? But in stating as much, Paterson wandered into the national political fray, and now a McCain spokesman is accusing Paterson of "playing the race card" and also this is Obama's fault, because they are desperate, and this is all divisive and shameful. So ok! The "community organizer" thing has nothing to do with race, at all. Sheesh! Poor white guys, always in trouble for saying utterly harmless things, like calling NBC journalist Ron Allen (who is black!) "uppity". As we all know, uppity is just an all-purpose general term for "elitist," which is a post-racial term for fag. Right?