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We cannot imagine why, but Paris authorities decided, of all the weeks in the year, to pick Fashion Week for a series of drug raids! Even more surprising, the chief executive of Elite Models' parent company Elite World, Bertrand Hennet, has been arrested for buying, possessing, and transporting cocaine. Police said that the 35-year-old "openly admitted that he had just bought £120 worth of cocaine, but consumed it before we got to him." The true mark of a dedicated junkie: When police are hammering at the door, don't throw your stash down the toilet, just snort it as quickly as possible!

Elite, which currently represents names like Lydia Hearst, Coco Rocha, and Alessandra Ambrosio, is naturally keen to distance itself from such sordidness. President Gerald Marie (Linda Evangelista's ex-husband and himself a paragon of virtue) told the press that Hennet's job was "purely administrative," and "has nothing to do with the models and photos and everything we do here."

We're relieved to hear that, because it would be too dreadful to think of models, accustomed to such squeaky-clean working conditions, being exposed to anything illegal or unsavory.

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