Well, our faith in the reliability of photography has been shattered, a decade after it should have been. The porny American Apparel ad spoofer, whose sexy ad remixes we have thoroughly documented, has been revealed as an art project by the graphic design aficionados who run Stereo Hell, as expected. More importantly: the spoof "posters" plastered throughout the city, and on AA stores, weren't posters at all; they were just Photoshop mockups. They existed only in imaginary pixellated form! No wonder none of them ever turned up on Ebay. I suppose this says something about the true nature of art; but I must admit that the achievement seems less impressive now. There is no Santa Claus either, btw. After the jump, two Photoshopped photos of the spoofer's final big reveal. We'll miss you, you fake bastards:

[Stereo Hell via Copyranter at Animal]