The low-ceiling'd, tiny coke den that is the Beatrice Inn doesn't look like much. But it's become Manhattan's celeb hangout du jour, obsessively covered by blogs like this, and fetishized most recently in Fashion Week Daily's detailed map placing the regular characters of the downtown hovel. About-town writer George Gurley—the cuddliest of the nightlife denizens—compiled a "Who's Who" of the "Bea," as it's called by regs. Nothing short of hilarious, he has the juice on everyone: Mary-Kate, Josh Hartnett, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, and Kirsten Dunst, who perhaps explained the Bea's celeb draw better than anyone: "[She] once told a regular, 'Don't judge me, guys, don't judge me! I like to have fun too!" Click for full list and map.

  • Kate Moss: "Never seen here there, but we have a history. At least in my mind."
  • Mary Kate Olsen: "Hard not to stare, because she looks like a tin elfin child playing dress-up in someone else's clothes."
  • Paul Johnson Calderone: "Outrageous hipster-fashion-socialite-blogger dude... been back to his place for a bunch of afterparties. All I remember is finding myself on a hide-a-bed at 8 a.m., watching Marie Antoinette, thinking it was maybe time to go home."
  • Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: "Seemed pretty mellow to me, but are known as the 'dramatic duo,' with catfights, tears, making up, making out in front of everybody."
  • Josh Hartnett: "Used to have after-parties at his place in SoHo. Has a rack of sunglasses and everyone would wear a pair. Nothing ever happened and people he didn't know had to leave their bags and cellphones in the corner of the room."

Thanks, George, for enduring that so we don't have to. And for telling us once, at the Bea, that he checks this website "ten, twelves times a day."