Remember that male:female demographic map that statistically charted the surplus single females across the nation and made every single woman in New York want to hang herself? Turns out it was somewhat misleading, because it counted everyone between the ages of 20 and 64 and most of the women who read about it on some blog—and who then accordingly expanded the universe of Dudes With Whom They'd Potentially Go Home to include, like, actuaries or men with off-putting tribal tattoos—were probably younger than 40. An amateur statistician named Jonathan Soma with an apparent surplus of free time and something to prove coded the map to make it adjustable by age (and divided by local population), and the sudden sprouting of big blue single male dots makes the situation seem a lot rosier for women……until they reach their mid-forties at least! So there is, it turns out, probably a surplus of single young dudes, and an absolute paucity of single old dudes. Oh yeah, and none of this counts unmarrieds in relationships, which decidedly includes The Gays:

Sure, there are some issues with the map. The first: homosexuality! This data and this map are completely heteronormative, but please direct invective at our pal the Census Bureau. Also, I don't think I can really trust the internet on this one, but men are about twice as likely to identify as gay than women - what's this mean for the map? It'll skew hard towards there being a ton of unmarried men!

Ha ha ha, guess that's Javascript for "blueballs," ladies! Next time.