The 24 hour news cycle affects everyone differently, and horribly. A television reporter in Hong Kong has resigned after he was caught committing self-love on the top tier of a double decker bus. Former Asia Television journo Chiu Yu Kit admitted to the act in court, but explained that he was merely trying to "ease his stress" when an off-duty cop caught sight of him standing up on a seat facing the window and taking in the local color while taking care of himself.

A judge put Kit on a one year good behavior bond and suggested that he take up exercise or socialize with other people to relax. But, as everyone in the media knows, spending time with other media people only makes things worse! Look what happened to Lou Dobbs!

The article also notes that, last month, "a 'lonely and disturbed' Hong Kong man became stuck and had to be freed by emergency services after attempting to have sex with a park bench."

Things are tough all over. [Straits Times]