The cyclist who was riding through Times Square during July's Critical Mass ride when a thug cop viciously slammed him to the pavement has been cleared of all charges. Although Officer Patrick Pogan claimed in court documents that Christopher Long intentionally steered his bike into him, the Manhattan District Attorney has joined with the rest of the city in telling Pogan, "Fuck you, guy." Pogan charged Long with attempted assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. As the tape shows, that's just a whole bunch of crap. Which presents a little problem for the officer.

"Although I am pleased with District Attorney Morgenthau's decision to
dismiss the charges against cyclist, Christopher Long, the D.A. now needs
to bring perjury & assault charges against this police officer," says
civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel. "This will send a strong message to
prevent future police misconduct and bring more accountability for police

Time to get your union guy on the phone, Officer Pogan.