While watching the McCain speech last night, we suddenly noticed the big video screen background (which only looked cool when it was neat rippling water behind Rudy Giuliani) suddenly shifted to what looked like a greenscreen. Oh wow what a stupid and terrible fuckup, we thought. Because everyone remembers what happened last time! It turns out the fuckup was so, so much bigger and more hilarious: it was not a greeenscreen. It was a lawn in front of a mansion-looking building. Which was a middle school, called Walter Reed. Let's actually try to itemize the fuckups here:

  • It looked like a greenscreen.
  • Then it looked like maybe one of John McCain's many, many giant houses.
  • No, it turns out it was a middle school called Walter Reed, but it was supposed to be a photo of Walter Reed Hospital.
  • Walter Reed Hospital, of course, being the scene of yet another horrible fuckup by the Republicans. Why did they want to remind anyone of Walter Reed in the first place??
  • Also the middle school is in Hollywood.

Beautiful work, everyone. Green Screen Behind McCain Actually Lawn of, Uh, Middle School In, Uh, North Hollywood [Wonkette]