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• Is Madonna's relationship with Jesus Luz purely platonic? The two are "quite close and cuddly, but not exactly romantic," and Jesus was spotted at a Kabbalah service "playing around more with Rocco than paying attention to Madonna," which can't be a good sign. [E!]
• Did marrying Tom Cruise ruin Katie Holmes' chances of ever having a movie career? Is Tom's sister secretly handling his PR even though she pretends to just be his assistant? So many questions! [Fox 411, P6]
• Amy Winehouse's estranged husband Blake Fielder-Civil was released from jail yesterday. [The Sun]
• Martha Stewart's old friend Sam Waksal is now out of a halfway house and "ready to get back to work trying to find a cure for cancer." [NYDN]

• Rihanna was hiding the "shocking secret" that she was pregnant when Chris Brown beat her. At least that's what the Star says. [Star]
• Britney Spears' ex, Adnan Ghalib, pleaded not guilty to felony hit-and-run charges yesterday. [OK!]
• The designer Valentino almost got hit by a car after stumbling into the street in LA last weekend. [NYDN]
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are suing a baby carriage manufacturer for using a photo of them with their twins in an ad without permission. [E!]
• Drew Barrymore is supposedly "begging" Jennifer Aniston to dump John Mayer because she thinks Jen can "do better" and that John's just "using her to boost his career." [NE]
• It looks like Kanye West's new girlfriend Amber Rose isn't just a former nude model. She's a former stripper, too. [TMZ]
• The woman in the passenger seat during Morgan Freeman's car crash last summer has filed a lawsuit and now claims he was drinking before the accident. [TMZ]
• Clint Eastwood wishes we could still get away with racist jokes. "People have lost their sense of humor." [DM]
• Silda and Eliot Spitzer were spotted at Cafe Boulud dining a few feet from Manhattan's District Attorney. Har. [P6]
• Lauren Conrad says the fifth season of The Hills will be her last. Believe it when you see it. [People]
• Dita Von Teese says she's working on her first album. [E!]
Star Jones' ex-husband Al Reynolds may be proposing. To a woman. [NYDN]
• Holly Madison and Chris Angel have broken up. Break out the tissues. [E!]