There have been very few moments in his life when Donald Trump has not been willing to go on cable television to pontificate on the state of the real estate market. But it's only been a week since Trump's casino empire went bankrupt, so this might just be one of those moments (although given the new season of The Apprentice debuts next week, it's safe to say the shilling will begin again soon enough). But what do you do if Donald won't come on and Don Jr. isn't available and Ivanka Trump can't even be bothered to throw on a cocktail dress and grace Fox Business's classy barroom set with her presence? You turn to Eric Trump, naturally! Sure, he graduated college about 15 minutes ago and wasn't even around for the boom market much less understand the causes of the current real estate crisis. But he's been very well trained, clearly. Take a long, hard look, folks. We have a sinking feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of him over the next, oh, four decades or so.