The New York Post reports that local broadsheet the New York Sun is doomed. Their investors have lost money for more than 6 years on what was always basically a vanity paper for right-leaning ultra-hawkish pro-Israel New Yorkers, and they've given founder Seth Lipsky a month to line up new funders. The Sun will reportedly announce something—the end?—on their website in just a minute. Leaving aside their insane editorial page and wacky style guide, the Sun did have some of the best arts coverage of all the New York dailies and a good local section. (And, you know, Lenore Skenazy and John McWhorter.) So, like, sad. Right? Without a Murdoch or a Reverend Moon, it's almost like a hilariously right-wing daily can't make it in this crazy mixed-up world. Update: The statement.