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According to those laboring at the front lines of servicing the rich—limo drivers, personal shoppers, restaurateurs—bankers are vaguely trying to make everyone loathe them less by dialing down the blatancy/outrageousness of their extravagance. For instance, you'll be thoroughly reassured to hear that $1,000 bottles of wine are no longer deemed an appropriate complement to lunch at Danny Meyer's Eleven Madison Park.

Meanwhile, limo companies are now asked in advance for their rates rather than being hired willy nilly, and personal shoppers have been instructed to look for bargains. Lucyann Barry, a personal shopper for Wall Street execs and their wives, is currently obliged to rifle in resale bins because, she reports: "People have actually been embarrassed by the money they've been getting and spending." Apparently not so embarrassed to stop riding in limos, eating at super-expensive restaurants, and delegating arduous chores like buying clothes to paid minions, but hey, sacrifice is sacrifice.

Citigroup Bans First-Class Flying as Aid Ends Lush Lifestyle [BN]