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You may want to take a seat for this one. You know those blog entries that Giorgio Armani has been writing for the New York Times website? Well, it seems the 74-year-old billionaire designer has not been going home to his Central Park West penthouse every night this week, turning on his laptop, and churning out flawless copy—in English, no less—all by himself. He's had a bit of help, which the Times's Eric Wilson casually pointed out today when he mentioned the pieces are "as told to J.J. Martin, a freelance journalist," but which nonetheless sent the absurdly literal gals over at Jezebel into a tizzy:

Wilson's phrasing "as told to" suggests that Martin's role exceeds that of a translator. All of Armani's columns have appeared under his sole byline.

It's not entirely clear what Martin's involvement is or who exactly writes these posts—does Armani dictate them in Italian and give Martin license to edit freely? Does Martin interview Armani and collect his thoughts into posts wholesale? Is he a garden variety ghost writer? If so, why aren't Martin's contributions acknowledged with any kind of byline credit? More than anything, we wonder why it took the Times days to explain how a non-English-speaking designer could guest-write for one of the publication's most-beloved blogs.

Fortunately, Jezebel's readers seem to have a better grip on how things work in the real world: "The next thing you'll be telling me is that Giorgio does not personally design everything that is ever licensed under the Armani label," writes one. Actually, he does design every single item. And then he hops on a plane and heads to Shenzhen and helps the nine-year-old girls make 'em! Really!

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