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Beyond the impressively reported (if eye-glazing) details of Raffaello Follieri's shady dealings with everyone from the Catholic Church to Ron Burkle, the accused con man and Holy Beancounter's lengthy profile in the new issue of Vanity Fair features essential insights into how one might court his ex Anne Hathaway. For starters, thick Italian charm and a dozen roses go a long way to balance out being an hour late for your first date. Manhattan penthouses are OK, and six-figure vacations are especially sexy — especially those including an audience with the Pope and/or a stiffed host suing to collect rental fees. Forget all that, though; at the end of the day, nothing gets Hathaway hotter than a humanitarian:

The trips were dazzling, but Hathaway was apparently more impressed by Follieri’s desire to start a foundation to help poor children in developing countries. He created the Follieri Foundation and started organizing a campaign to inoculate Latin-American children against hepatitis A. “My boyfriend is incredible in a lot of ways,” Hathaway told Harper’s Bazaar, “but when it comes to his charity … One of the most untouted aphrodisiacs in the world is charity work. Seriously, you want a girl to be impressed, vaccinate some kids, build a house.”

This could be a tremendous break for Josh Lucas, who Life & Style reports was among Hathaway's closest chums at the recent Democratic National Convention in Denver. His liberal creds confirmed and her fear of Obama overcome, they took the important step of attending a star-studded party for the National Apartment Association, an affordable-housing advocacy group whose little-known, ultra-exclusive "Platinum Club" was rumored to among Follieri's principal causes back in the good old days at Trump Tower. Second base can't be far behind.